Technology Information

Please refer to this reference page for assistance with some of the basic information needed for being successful with the Tablet PC at Krimmel Intermediate. 

Student Tablet PC Handbook

Tablet Online Payment Process (School Cash)

The Repair Center is open Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

Important Student Reminders
Charge your Tablet PC each night. 
Bring your Tablet PC to school every day.
Carry your Tablet PC in the zippered sleeve in your backpack at all times--even at home. 
Turn on or restart your Tablet PC when you arrive at school each morning to reconnect to the network.
Press Fn + F3 to place your Tablet PC in sleep mode while going from class to class. 
Students have 5 days to report any damages or theft to the Repair Center through the Student Tablet Work Order System. 

Digital Onboarding
Click HERE to view Digital Onboarding site. 

Student Logins
Click HERE for help accessing your different online accounts. 

Student Dashboard
The Klein ISD Dashboard is a website that allows users a single place to access (at school & home). Please visit the Student Log In Instructions handout created by the KISD IT Department for assistance with logging in. The following links are available for student access under the Klein ISD Dashboard:
Digital Textbooks
Online Resources
KISD Password Reset (Not Google)

Students, Need Help? 

Step 1 - Complete a Student Tablet Work Order Request (You must be on campus to access the link on StudentNet). 
Step 2 - Back up your files to your Google Drive. 
Step 3 - Wait to get called down to Repair Center during the school day. Bring your Tablet PC.

Krimmel Parent Technology Tips
Click HERE to access a parent resource to help you as you work with your child to manage class work and homework using their school-issued Tablet PC.

Tablet Discipline Policy
As a 1:1 campus, Krimmel Intermediate maintains certain expectations on the use of student tablets and requires clearly expressed student responsibilities. The Tablet Discipline Policy is a document which articulates many of the expectations and responsibilities as well as the possible consequences for not following them.