Ms. Delia Gardner
        Attendance Secretary
        Phone: (832) 375-7210
        Fax: (832) 375-7209
Attendance Requirements

Early Dismissal and Late Arrival Procedures

How Attendance Absences are Recorded

Attendance Procedures
Students are permitted a maximum of nine (9) excused/extenuating circumstance absences per semester. Absences beyond nine (9) per semester will result in loss of academic credit. 

In order for an absence to qualify as excused/extenuating, the parent/guardian of the student must send a written note signed by the parent explaining the date(s) of the absence and the reason for the absence. This written notification must be received in the Attendance Office within five (5) days of the absence in order to be considered as excused/extenuating by the Campus Attendance Committee. 

Telephone calls notifying us of an absence will be documented, but will not be considered excused until written notification is submitted.

    Mrs. Robin Wilmes
       Attendance Secretary
       Phone: (832) 375-7141
If you are moving into the Krimmel area or moving away from Krimmel, please contact Mrs. Wilmes.

Enrollment Information

We will ask you to bring the following information with you:
-Proof of Residence (utility bill, lease agreement, etc. Phone bills will not be accepted.)
-Immunization Record
-Birth Certificate
-Social Security Card
-Most recent report card from previous school
-Name, address, phone number of previous school
-TAKS/STAAR scores or most recent achievement test scores

If your student is serviced under any special programs (ie: Special Ed, ESL, GT/Honors) please inform the registrar and bring this documentation when you come to register. Also, if you are a new student who want to be in the band or orchestra should indicate their interest to the registrar at that time.