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2017-18 Krimmel Course Selection Information

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6th to 7th Grade

7th to 8th Grade

8th to 9th Grade

Middle School Newsletter: Middle Years

Middle grade children go through dramatic changes and desperately need their parents’ support. Middle Years offers practical ideas for parents to improve their children’s school success—and behavior—during the middle years and strengthen the home-school partnership.

Middle Years October 2016
Middle Year October 2016 - Spanish

GT Identification Process
The Klein Independent School District uses a two-stage, ongoing process. The identification process collects both qualitative and quantitative data to identify students who exhibit potential and/or perform at levels significantly beyond the norm in areas of superior cognitive ability and/or specific academic achievement. The following are important dates in the GT Identification process.

For enrolled students in the Klein ISD 2016-17
08/29/16 GT "Call for Referral" window opens
09/23/16 GT "Call for Referral" window closes; Referral Packet due to campus
09/26/16 K-11 Evaluation Window opens (Window includes all forms of data collection and review)
02/24/17 GT Services Notification letters sent home
03/01/17 Kindergarten services begin
03/10/17 Last day for parents to request a Campus Appeal
04/20/17 Campus Appeal decision sent home
05/03/17 Last day for parent to request a District Appeal

Spring Testing
The Spring testing cycle is only for students who were not enrolled in the Klein ISD schools when the above testing "for enrolled students" took place. This includes students who transferred into Klein ISD after the Call for Referral period listed above. Students who were enrolled in the Klein ISD who could have been referred during the "For Students Enrolled in the Klein ISD" testing cycle itemized above are NOT eligible for the testing cycle in the spring, but referrals can be kept on file for the next fall testing cycle. Please speak with your counselor if you are interested in and meet the requirements for spring testing.

Promotion Requirements

To be promoted in grades 6 and 7, a student must attain an average of at least 70 in all core academic areas: language arts, (including reading improvement if required), mathematics (including math improvement if required), science and social studies. In addition, a student must have an overall average of 70 or above in all courses taken.

In addition to the academic requirements stated above, all 8th graders must also pass their STAAR Reading and Math tests to be promoted to grade 9. This initiative is called the Texas Student Success Initiative (SSI).

Credit by Exam

Elementary and Intermediate students may accelerate an entire grade level or one core course by taking Credit by Examination (CBE) and scoring 80 on the required assessments. Kindergarten and Grade 1 students must meet the state enrollment requirements before registering for Credit by Examination. To learn more, please view the following: Elementary and Intermediate Parent Brochure
Credit By Examination Parent Registration Form (NOTE: Test dates are listed on the registration form)

High School Credit Courses  Students may earn credit for high school courses by scoring a 80 or above on a Credit by Examination (CBE).  Students must not have prior instruction in the course they are attempting. Credit will only be awarded for core high school courses after the student has successfully completed both semester exams.
Credit By Exam Registration Form for High School Credit Courses (NOTE: Test dates are listed on the registration form)

Parents interested in this program can review the frequently asked questions document below or contact their school counselor for more information.
Credit By Exam Frequently Asked Questions for Elementary and Intermediate Courses
Credit By Exam Frequently Asked Questions for High School Credit Courses