Meet Our Special Education Team

    Ms. Marenthia Nealy
       Special Education Case Manager - 6th Grade and Developmental
       Phone: (832) 375-7155
       Email: Ed/Leo.jpg
    Ms. Terri Leo - 7th and 8th Grade
       Special Education Case Manager
       Phone: (832) 375-7153
       Email: Ed/_Stevenson.jpg
    Mrs. Erin Stevenson
       Special Education Secretary
       Phone: (832) 375-7152

Co-Teachers and Resource

Jennifer Bruce

Paula Dittrich

Jodi Motuliki

Carla Richards

Jim Skinner

Jamie Yuna

Support Facilitator Staff

Tiffney Brown

Kelley Perez

Rosa Ramirez


Sherry Gould

Donna Gustafson

Developmental Paraprofessional Support Staff

Patty Behrens

Katie Cooke

Catherine Flynn

Magda Tijerina 

Making Connections Program

Sally Miller

Paige Hayes

PASS Program

Edward Szurek

Juan Rangel

Professional Support Staff

Diagnostician: Chantel Brew

LSSP/Related Service Counselor: Sarah Kelley

Speech Pathologist: Nathan Dujunco

Occupational Therapist: Sue Berlin, Katy Horton

Physical Therapist: Marcie Moore

Teacher for the Visually Impaired: Trish Duke

Teacher for the Hearing Impaired: Muriel Dunn, Sharee Moore